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Landscape Rooms Majestic. Magical. Mystified.

Seven small cubes on stilts, with glass walls that offer you an immaculate view of the valley, the forest or the dramatic river below. Welcome to the award-winning architecture at Juvet.

Double bed
Breakfast included
3-course dinner included

Every Landscape room has one or two walls that are entirely built of glass. Through careful orientation every room offers its own exclusive view of the landscape, when changing with the season, weather and time. No room looks into another. Shielded and private, even though curtains are not given.

The rooms are experienced as large as the landscape beyond. While no two rooms are alike, all of them have a dark interior to avoid stealing focus from the scenery. Apart from the little bathroom, of course, where the sun shines even in the middle of the winter.

Prices 2023 The Landscape rooms

Landscape room half-board for 2. persons NOK 6,400
Landscape room half-board for 1. person NOK 4,800
Extra bed incl. half-board 3 - 14 year NOK 1,350
Extra bed incl. half-board Adults NOK 2,150
For weekends, we only take bookings for the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday. The prices given are per night and apply all year round.

When you're here Things to do

Short day trips and roundtrips – you do not have to go far. There is plenty to explore in the area, with hidden gems right on Juvet's doorstep.

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