The Barn

Local food. Global talks.

The 100 year-old farm building in Burtigarden has been restored and rebuilt, giving the old rooms new functions; the cow byre is a dining room and sitting room with an open fire, the pigsty is the kitchen, and the old hay store has been turned into a outdoor lounge area. All meals are based on local ingredients, changing from season to season.

  • Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Library

Breakfast from 9 a.M.

We start the day with good bread. We don’t present a wide range of spreads and cold cuts, but you can count on having freshly made jam for bread or cereal, homemade scrambled eggs and smoked salmon prepared in the traditional style. In addition to freshly brewed coffee and tea, we offer locally sourced apple juice from the valley.


As our guests are either on their way to their next destination or out on excursions, we don’t usually serve lunch, but we will gladly recommend places serving local specialities. You can of course make a packed lunch at the breakfast table and, if you are going out on a trip, take a flask with a hot drink if you like.


We serve dinner at a long table in the cow barn. Conversation gets lively around the table. Many of the guests have come a long way and have travelled far and wide, and it’s good to meet over a hearty meal. Even if we come from different countries and different cultures, we have many common talking points and much to say.