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You are wondering How to get here?

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located on the northwest coast of Norway, just outside the village of Valldal, an approx. 90-minute drive from the city of Ålesund. The Hotel resides in the middle of the famous Norwegian scenic route between the UNESCO world heritage fjord Geiranger and the dramatic road and viewing point Trollstigen. Open location in Google Maps

Travel by plane

There are many direct flights from several international airports to Ålesund Airport Vigra (AES), in addition to daily flights from the largest cities in Norway.

If you fly to Vigra, we recommend you to rent a car and drive to Juvet (100 kms). That way, you are much more flexible to explore the area. If needed, we can organize transfer/taxi for you. Keep in mind, that it is quite expensive, price starts at 3300, - NOK each way.

Travel by train

In summertime, you can take the train to Åndalsnes and then heading to Juvet over Trollstigen Road*. You can either rent a car in Åndalsnes, take the bus (in summertime only) or take a taxi.

The drive from Åndalsnes to Juvet takes about 45 minutes / 40 km when the Trollstigen is open from end of May to end of October. When Trollstigen is closed for the winter, the drive takes about 1 h 45 minutes/ 125 km via Sjøholt.

From mid of June until mid of August there are 2 daily bus departures from Åndalsnes to Geiranger, that passes the hotel (get of at Gudbrandsjuvet). For more timetables see www.frammr.no

Åndalsnes Taxi: Tel +47 71 22 15 55
Valldal Taxi: Tel +47 90 90 62 10

Travel by car

If you are traveling by car there is, of course, several alternatives, depending on what is your starting point. Here are some examples:

Oslo – Juvet
Oslo – Dombås – Åndalsnes – Trollstigen* – Juvet 480 km / 7h

Oslo – Geiranger – Juvet
Oslo – Otta – Geiranger – Eidsdal – Linge – Juvet 500 km / 8h / 1 Ferry

Trondheim – Juvet
Trondheim – Dombås – Åndalsnes – Trollstigen* – Juvet 330 km / 4h 30m

Bergen – Juvet
Bergen – Førde – Stryn – Hellesylt – Stranda – Liabygda – Valldal – Juvet 410 km / 7h 30m / 2 Ferries

Molde – Åndalsnes – Juvet
Molde – Åndalsnes – Trollstigen* – Juvet 97 km / 2h

Molde – Vestnes – Juvet
Molde – Vestnes – Sjøholt – Valldal – Juvet 100 km / 2h 30m / 1 Ferry

Ålesund – Juvet
Ålesund – Sjøholt – Valldal – Juvet 100 km / 1h 30m

* Trollstigen Road is closed during winter.