The bird houses

This bird has flown

The two Bird Houses are fashioned in a minimalist architectural style, constructed in the manner of a traditional Norwegian log house originally used as a food store. The structures resemble birdhouses gently placed on the steep slopes above the other Landscape rooms.

  • Double bed
  • Wifi
  • Breakfast included
  • From 1 950,- NOK

The houses highlight how little we actually need to achieve a sense of well-being. The rooms are no bigger than 8 square metres in total, but provide a comfortable bed, a small sofa bench and a toilet. The interior is light and pleasant, with large windows designed to let nature in. Smaller windows provide stunning glimpses of the world outside. From the bed, you can look out on the mountainside, just centimetres away. This close to nature, perhaps you can even see the moss growing.

The Bird Houses was originally built for one person, but the bed is doublesized, so it is possible to stay two people in the house. The rooms have a tiny bathroom with only a small handheld shower, but The Bathouse is available for showering around the clock.

Bird Houses


For weekends, we only take bookings for the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday. The prices given are per night and apply all year round.

  • Bird House incl. breakfast for one person 1 950 NOK
  • Bird House incl. breakfast for two persons 2 700 NOK
  • 3-course dinner per person 700 NOK
When you're here


Short day trips and roundtrips – you don’t have to go far. There is plenty to explore in the area, and there are hidden gems right on your doorstep when you’re staying at Juvet.