Unlike anything Experience Juvet

A once-in-a-lifetime escape. An architectural gem. Surrounded by untaimed pristine wilderness. Open your soul and connect to nature. Feel time and space on your terms.

In the birch forest - between a foaming river and high mountains - resides Juvet Landscape Hotel. The 24-bed hotel appears as a high-contrast encounter between the beautiful cultural landscape and innovative architecture, built with the desire to make the least possible interference in nature.

Since its opening in 2010, Juvet has won several architecture awards and appeared in a wide range of international travel and architecture magazines.

The hotel consists of seven unique and minimalistic landscape rooms, two smaller "bird houses" and the four-bed "Skrivarstua" (Writer's Lodge). A few meters from the river bank - behind a large glass wall – you’ll find the bathhouse with steam room and hot tub.

Hidden Gems
On Juvet’s property, one can find small huts and coves where you can enjoy a morning dip, a picnic or just meditate while watching the river float by.

Connect to nature More than just a pretty place

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There's something for everybody
For the adventurous spirit we do have everything from rafting and canyoning to ski touring. For nature lovers there are several hiking options or maybe climbing and zip lining in the high rope park nearby. Juvet resides along the famous Norwegian scenic route and is located between the UNESCO world heritage Geiranger Fjord and the dramatic road and viewing point Trollstigen.

On the hotel’s property you can relax in the hot tub or rest in the steam sauna overlooking the river. The conference room can easily be used as a kid’s playroom or a home cinema. Bring a book from the barn house library and find a seclusive spot on the grounds for some private quiet time.

With an overflow of activities and attractions in our surroundings are we making sure, that you have everything you need to make the best out of your time here with us.

Dining A natural culinary treat

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From hillside picnics to mountaintop brunches, a riverside cookout or barn house banquet - every meal served by our experienced chefs is a unique and memorable experience.

Exquisite local ingredients
Our head chef is extremely passionate about utilizing local ingredients to give our guests a full taste of the local flavour. Menus are beautifully prepared and tailored for every occasion and season. We source most of the ingredients from local farms and producers in our area.

Regardless of your preferences and requirements – every mouthful is crafted to be an unforgettable and ultimate sensation of taste.

Our restaurant is located in the old Barn house with a lovely terrace facing the river and valley.

Exclusively All to yourself


The perfect getaway for an intimate stay with just your family, friends, or colleagues. An opportunity for those who see nature as a luxury, appreciate modern architecture built on sustainable principles or want to find peace while watching the river float by.

An undisturbed and a secluded stay, focused on spending precious time with your loved ones. Or perhaps, a calm place where your business leaders or executives can explore new angels and opportunities - where ideas can flourish.

Book the whole hotel exclusively and experience Juvet to the fullest.

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