Cookies and privacy policy

Your personal information and right to privacy

Personal information is information that can be associated with a real person, such as name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address and work title. We process personal data that we manage entirely in accordance with Norwegian law, including the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulations.

Cookies on our websites

Like our customers, we agree that popups and banners, related to cookies, are disruptive and sometimes confusing. Therefore, we have chosen to remove all unnecessary cookies from the website.

Does that mean we do not use cookies at all?

No. Our publishing tool (Craft CMS) requires the use of cookies in the core functionality related to security. We have considered these to be necessary, and they are therefore stored without prior consent.

Does this mean that your visit will not be tracked?

No. We still track visits to our website. We do this to learn more about how the website is used and how we can make it better. BUT, we do not track who you are.

We have chosen to use the tracking tool Fathom which is in line with national and international privacy legislation (GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA and PECR). This tool only tracks what you do on the website. Not who you are or what you do elsewhere. Nor does it share data with other websites or services. This means that you can surf safely and anonymously on our website.

Cookies on the booking service website

Please note that our booking service is handled by, which uses cookies in the booking solution. You will be asked to accept or turn these off when you are forwarded to their website.

I don't want cookies!

Well, turn 'em off. You can set your browser so that only the web pages you want are allowed to store cookies on your machine. We recommend that you search for "disable cookies" on Duck Duck Go to find a recipe for your exact browser.